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4 Popular Styles of Bathroom Sink Faucets

If you are remodelling your bathroom, then it is necessary to replace every small bathroom accessory be it toilet soap holders or bathroom sink faucets to give your private space a ravishing look. Believe it or not, you will find different styles, colors and finishes of bathroom accessories in the marketplace making it a tough call to choose the one piece out of many. For instance, if you are looking for designer sink faucets for your bathrooms, you will not be disappointed. The reason is brands like Kohler and Moen are coming up with different styles of faucets. You only need to choose the right brand and the right style for your bathroom.

Let’s uncover some of the most common styles of bathroom sink faucets commonly installed in residential and commercial spaces:

1 Bridge: Bridge faucets are the best examples of combining old-fashioned faucets designs with the modern technology. These kinds of faucets are mounted at the countertop and require two holes in the sink for easy installation. With this style of faucet, it becomes easy to clean the faucet and nearby area and maintaining clean and hygienic environment.

2. Centre-Set: This style of bathroom sink faucet works with sinks having three holes. This style includes a spout and two handles present on the each side of the base unit. The handles of the faucet are four inches apart from the spout. This faucet imparts clean and classic look and easy to install in every type of bathroom sink. ‘

3. Single- Handle: As the name indicates, these faucets have a single lever or one handle controlling both the water pressure and the temperature. These styles of faucets are popular choices for kitchen also and easy to install with one or two holes.

4. Deck-Mount: The deck-mount faucet is easy to mount on the kitchen or bathroom’s countertop. Commonly installed in bathtubs, deck mount faucets are slowing becoming a popular choice for bathroom sinks due to their ease of use and eye-appealing designs.

Spread-fit, wall-mount, vessel, etc., are some other popular choices of Bathroom sink faucets. It is advisable to discuss with an interior designer before purchasing any style of faucet. The reason is he is the right person to guide which style of faucet is easy to adjust in your bathroom.

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