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Check Holes in Sink & Water Lines before Buying Kitchen Sink Faucets

Your job for choosing a new kitchen sink faucet becomes much easier if you know the existing plumbing and the water lines measurement. These are the two most important details which you should possess handy before looking for online collection of branded faucets. Let’s understand them in detail:

Existing Holes in Sink’s Faucet

You need to look at your kitchen sink carefully to determine the pre-drilled faucet mounting holes. Based on the pre-drilled holes, you can choose your new faucet style and install it easily in your existing sink. Usually, kitchen faucets have one to four mounting holes. Single hole mounting is the most common and easily available in old homes whereas the new construction supports three to four holes mounting. The three holes mounting support two handles and one spout. The additional fourth hole is used for keeping an accessory like a soap or soap dispenser. Whenever you buy Kitchen sink faucets, check its installation with regard to mounting holes. This information is generally available on the packaging. If your current installation supports three-holes mounting, you can purchase a faucet with three or two holes as extra holes are easy to cover with a deck plate. But with three holes mounting, you cannot purchase a faucet support four-holes installation; In this case, you need to change the sink.

Checking Water Lines:

The second important thing to check is the water supply line. Simply look under the sink and note the shut off valves and the size of existing water lines. If you do not get an idea simply by looking, take a measuring tape and measure them. It is a sensible decision to choose such a faucet that supports existing water lines. You can plan to replace the shut-off valves while installing a new faucet as it will minimize the leakage and repair cost, which generally arise with old valves.

So, simply pay special attention to these two factors while purchasing kitchen sink faucets. You can choose any faucet of any brand such as Moen, Kohler, etc. The branded faucets are available in different finishing, styles and at affordable price range in the online marketplace. Thus, start your search today.

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